[NTG-context] typing+framedtext: different behaviour between TL2017 and 2019

Tomas Hala tomas.hala at mendelu.cz
Fri Jan 17 15:18:55 CET 2020

Hi all,

if I compile the following (minimised) code with ConTeXt from TL2017,
I receive expected result -- one framed gray box with correct width.

\startMP bla \stopMP

Now I tried it with ConTeXt from TL2019 (TL2018 produces the same result as TL2019)
and I have got _two_ boxes -- the outer one is correct and frames the typing environment
as in the past whereas the new box frames the text inside the typing.

Unfortunately, both boxes seems to be controlled by the \defineframedtext[MPT]
which caused that the inner box runs outside the typesetting area, i.e. the
left offset value is applied twice.

I found out that it is related with the given name MP.
Therefore, I renamed it to another name (it was ok) but after adding
"option=mp" I came across the same problem.

Is there any way how to define behaviour of both boxes in the existing \startMP
environment apart? Or is it not possible?

Best wishes,


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