[NTG-context] Check for parity of pair tags on source file to be closed

context at vivaldi.net context at vivaldi.net
Thu Jan 9 13:00:23 CET 2020


in most cases, when a source file is to be closed, pair elements (tags) 
should balanced.

This concerns e.g. { - }, \bgroup - \egroup, \startitemize - 
\stopitemize, \if - \fi etc.

When we have a complicated project structure and when compiling the 
topmost (root) source, a log for a disbalanced tag may appear, but the 
unbalanced tag however may be difficult to find.

Is there a way to enable "watching" pair tags (at least mentioned 
before) in the way that their disbalance would be reported (logged)?

Maybe a "enable tracker" could provide that...


---- A.mkiv
   \input B.mkiv

---- B.mkiv
     \item B
---- <- "\startitemize" is unbalanced (unfinished by \stopitemize) in 
the scope of B.mkiv,
         so a message/log ("unfinished \startitemize") should be printed 
when B.mkiv is to be closed.

Best regards,


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