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Tue Jan 7 11:23:59 CET 2020


could auto-generated syntax for \setupitemgroup be added to wiki?

There is no notice about "lefttext" or "righttext" keys:


(yes, keys "left" and "right" are mentioned here.)


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On 2019-12-26 20:07, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
> Jairo A. del Rio schrieb am 26.12.2019 um 19:55:
>> I'm defining item groups in ConTeXt and I find the following issue: 
>> combining the "text" parameter with others automatically disables 
>> "left" and "right" keys, so numbers always appear enclosed in 
>> parentheses.
>> %What I expect:
>> %I. This ain't right
>> %What I get:
>> %(I) This ain't right
>> \defineitemgroup[erroneous]
>> \setupitemgroup[erroneous][1][R,text,continue][left=,right=.,stopper=]
>> \starttext
>> \starterroneous
>> \startitem This ain't right \stopitem
>> \stoperroneous
>> \stoptext
>> Maybe a bug, I want to know how to get the expected result. Thank you 
>> in advance.
> You have to clear the values of the lefttext and righttext keys.
> Wolfgang

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