[NTG-context] context command line interface documentation?

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Tue Nov 19 10:16:10 CET 2019


> What you’re describing is the behavior I’m trying to achieve. The error 
> location reporting works for me, but context will still continue after 
> an error for me:
> If I don’t specify --nonstopmode or so it’ll try to recover, and even 
> when I specify it, there will be other output after the error.

What version are you running? The latest lmtx should quite after an 
error. When no proper document can be created it will provide an error 

> Not that the script actually expects quotes in argv?

The command line parsing is kind of special

- lua(metatex) itself has to intercept some flags and act on it
- the context (and mtxrun) script also need them (as script)
- some passed arguments are used to drive the process
- and potentially common flags should not interfere

--foo="bar bar"

"file name"

should all work (also with special characters but of course there can be 
issues i don't know about); so intrepretation happens in the engine, in 
mtxrun (script0, context (script), context (macro package)

when you run context you can see the exact call to luatex and how 
arguments get passed (some get prefixed with "c:")

concerning the wiki, best discuss that with Pavneet (in cc) as he's in 
charge of (re)organizing the wiki; if you have suggestions for any of 
the manuals in the distribution that deal with this, you can just sedn 
them to me



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