[NTG-context] developer not verified error

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Tue Nov 19 09:57:41 CET 2019

On 11/18/2019 10:32 PM, Henri Menke wrote:

> In macOS Catalina Apple introduced “notarization”, i.e. anything you
> install has to have Apple's blessing, otherwise it will refuse to
> install and show you a message that it is malware.  Dick Koch,
> maintainer of MacTeX ran into the same problems, as he presented at
> TUG2019 and described in the corresponding TUGboat article:
>      http://tug.org/TUGboat/tb40-2/tb125koch-harden.pdf

sounds like a lot of work ... now, with these nicely signed binaries, 
what about tex (or even lua code) ... in principle each of the 
additional files (with macros) should be tested too because they're 
basically programs themselves

(my ancient macbook os not updatable so i can't test it anyway, can't 
even run tex on it any more i think, so i'm forever protected against tex)


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