[NTG-context] context command line interface documentation?

Philipp A. flying-sheep at web.de
Mon Nov 18 23:11:25 CET 2019

Hi Hans,

Very sorry that it was phrased so negatively. I like ConTeXt enough that I
wrote my master’s thesis in it, and am now writing my doctor’s thesis in it.
I had a long day that day and didn’t expect to have to dive so deep to find
out what I want is impossible. I think my language mostly reflected my
thought process going through it, not lack of respect towards your work.
I hope my bug report here is still helpful and provides all information
necessary to improve ConTeXt, and would like to help if there’s an easy way
to contribute (Pull requests?)

context --silent -nostatistics

Thank you! I see it’s in the “experts” section in mtx-context.xml. I added
it to the wiki, as it seems the most immediately useful (and non-experty)
among those options.
I think it would be best if the help would just be generated from that file
to reduce the sources of truth in existence.

> context quits at the first error as recovering is (1) seldom useful, (2)
> can interfere badly with tex/mp/lua and make things worse), (3) context
> tries to show a bit more precise location where the erro comes from (not
> always easy in tex) ... some of these modes originate in paper terminal
> times and it's very unlikely that context will change it's current way of
> doing things

What you’re describing is the behavior I’m trying to achieve. The error
location reporting works for me, but context will still continue after an
error for me:
If I don’t specify --nonstopmode or so it’ll try to recover, and even when
I specify it, there will be other output after the error.

>  What’s a “list”? comma separated? Do I need string delimiters?
> comma separated and only quoted when spaces (as usual with spaces)

You mean quoted as in “to prevent my terminal from interpreting it wrong”,
Not that the script actually expects quotes in argv?

grepping for stats will bring you to nostats and nostatistics and "context
> --help --expert" shows that flag too

All of which is undocumented. I’d like to help here, so I added it to the
wiki, but it would be useful to mention this in --help, too!

remarks like the last one are very unlikely to trigger people to write
> additional documentation (a manual or wiki page) ... context comes for
> free, support comes for free ... there is not much one can demand i guess
> Hans

Again, I’m really sorry! I’d like to help, but I don’t have the time
currently for more than drive-by pull requests and wiki edits. I’m doing
the latter and if the former is possible, I’ll try my hand. Is it?

Best, Philipp
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