[NTG-context] new beta

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Tue Nov 12 19:50:57 CET 2019


I uploaded a new beta. Apart from some fixes, the main change in lmtx is 
that on windows most (a few exceptions) of the mechanisms that interface 
to the operating system support the internal wide character model which 
should make the lot more robust for file names, environment variables, 
command line options etc that (at the tex/lua end utf8) have characters 
other than ascii. Another improvement in lmtx is support for ancient 
type 1 fonts (like the type 1 lucidas) but that's more 'being complete' 
than a 'real need' (when such fonts are used wiping the cache is 
needed). Both these (lmtx only) patches can have unforseen (by me) side 
effects but nothing that can't be fixed fast.


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