[NTG-context] context command line interface documentation?

Philipp A. flying-sheep at web.de
Tue Nov 12 12:14:56 CET 2019


I want context to shut up, specifically the “mkiv lua stats” at the end are
useless to me and make me scroll up for actual error messages, but better
would be to just stop after the first error.
I consulted the --help docs but found them entirely unhelpful. Also there’s
no examples. As doing it wrong results in no error message or indeed any
kind of effect, I was in the dark.

First I consulted the --help and found: “--silent=list disable logcatgories
(show list with --showlogcategories)”. What’s a “list”? comma separated? Do
I need string delimiters?
Whatever, executing “context --showlogcategories” tells me the log category
“mkiv lua stats” exists, so: “context --silent='mkiv lua stats' doc.tex”
does … nothing, the lua stats are still there mocking me.

OK, let’s do what you do when there’s no documentation; dive in the code:
“grep -C3 'batchmode'
This tells me that there’s a “errorstopmode” in luatex but no way to make
the context script invoke “luatex -interaction=errorstopmode”, great.
Diving deeper, “setblocked” in mtxtun.lua checks if --silent=all is
specified, nice! But that affects everything EXCEPT for the “mkiv lua

Therefore the two most useful ways to run context (--errorstopmode and
--silent='mkiv lua stats') seem impossible unless one writes a wrapper
Would be cool to have this fixed. And to have actually useful documentation
instead of having to deep-dive into mtxrun.lua.

Best, Philipp

PS: I filed http://tracker.luatex.org/view.php?id=1014 and
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