[NTG-context] ASCII mode within \footnote

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Mon Nov 4 12:36:10 CET 2019

Hello Aditia,

thanks for reaction.

I simply want to write "%APPDATA%\file.txt" and the same into the 
footnote, with ability to use the text "%APPDATA%\file.txt" without any 
substitution (like "%" -> "\letterpercent") - if possible.

My attepmts with \text or \asciimode fail:


Even plays with


don't give the desired result.

So - is there a simple way how to get strings with "%" and "\" (which 
represent a path on Windows) into footnote?

Best regards,


On 2019-11-02 16:35, Aditya Mahajan wrote:

> Why not just use asciimode?
> To understand why \footnote{\type{...}}} doesn't work, you need to
> understand TeX's "digestive system". \type{...} (and asciimode) work
> by modifying the catcode tables. However, they are are used inside a
> footnote, the argument of \footnote is parsed according to the catcode
> table which is active when footnote is passed. Under the default
> catcode table, % is a comment, so when you type:
> \footnote{\type{*\$%
> }}
> the argument of \footnote is `\type{*\$}`
> So, if you want \footnote to "see" the %, you need to activate a
> catcode table where % is a letter. So, the simplest solution is to use
> \asciimode.
> Aditya

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