[NTG-context] A5 != 210mm x 148mm ?

Kerry Sainsbury kerry at fidelma.com
Sun Nov 3 09:51:40 CET 2019


If A5 is 210mm x 148mm (and the internet assures me that it is
<https://papersizes.io/a/a5>), then shouldn't these two setuppapersize
variants give the same result? They don't *seem* to.


\setuppapersize[height=210mm, width=148mm]


\input ward.tex


The reason I ask is because I'd like to prepare a PDF for printing via
IngramSpark, and have discovered that (bizarrely) their Australian branch
doesn't support A5 for colour books. They do offer 6x9 (229x152), and I was
wondering what values to use in 'setuppapersize', so I thought I'd
experiment with the A5 sizing because it's a well known size.

Now I have no idea :-(


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