[NTG-context] Fails with MkIV works with LMTX

Rik Kabel context at rik.users.panix.com
Mon Oct 28 22:59:14 CET 2019

This works with the 20191028 LMTX beta, fails with the 20191028 MkIV beta:


Error log:

    return {
      ["lastcontext"]="\n<inserted text> ...s \\inheritmaintextcolor
    \\strc_itemgroups_push \n \n\\handlenoteinsert ...tes_synchronize
    \\the \\everybeforenoteinsert
    \n                                                  \\insert
    \\currentnoteinsert...\n\\235>notation:note ...enoteinsert
    \\currentnote \\currentnotenumber
    \n                                                  \\fi \\fi \\fi
    \\endgroup \\fi ...\n\\m_syst_action_nop ...dler
    \\currentconstructionhandler \\endcsname \n
    This\\footnote{that}\n                      ",
      ["lasttexerror"]="! Undefined control sequence",

Can anyone reproduce this? I have tried rebuilding.


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