[NTG-context] beta

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Mon Oct 28 19:20:43 CET 2019


I uploaded a beta. In lmtx there is now a bit more advanced support for 
svg. A preliminary manual is included that explains a few things.

As a teaser ... it is also possible to embed svg code, as in:

         cx="50" cy="50" r="40"
         stroke="green" stroke-width="10" stroke-opacity="0.3"
         fill="red" fill-opacity="0.3"
         cx="150" cy="50" r="40"
         stroke="green" stroke-width="10"



or in metapost disguise:

     vardef svg expr c = lmt_svg [ code = c ] enddef ;

     draw svg "<svg>
             cx='50' cy='50' r='40'
             stroke='green' stroke-width='10' stroke-opacity='0.3'
             fill='red' fill-opacity='0.3'
             cx='150' cy='50' r='40'
             stroke='green' stroke-width='10'
     </svg>" ;

It is not a replacement for metapost (which is more efficient runtime 
anbyway) but for artistic images a mixture might work out ok.

In principle inclusion with externalfigure also works when 
conversion=mps is set but, although I have some 1500 test images, not 
all might work out well. There can be a lot of crap be hidden in svg 
files and angle brackets are no guarantee for properly structured 
images. Especially fonts can be troublesome. On the other hand, if one 
has very structured input, text labels can be swapped for propertly 
typeset ones (like math), but that's for later to explain (experimental 
stuff). We'll see.


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