[NTG-context] PDF viewer poll

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Sun Oct 13 12:43:14 CEST 2019

Hi, I’d like to update my list of (usable!) PDF viewers.
Which one do you use? (Current version?)
What are its pros and cons?
Is it free (open source, freeware)?
Does it work on Win/Lin/Mac?
Does it have a localized interface? (I don’t care, but I work with people who don’t understand a lot of English.)
Can it handle comments, attachments?
Can it handle forms with or without JavaScript?
Does it support SyncTeX? (Who uses that anyway?)
Does it update changed PDFs on its own (or does it even block overwriting)?
Which other features are essential for your choice?

E.g. I’m working with:
- Preview.app (Mac)
  Default on MacOS, fast & easy. No JS, bad forms support, updates "sometimes". Usable as a previewer, not as a PDF toolbox.
- Adobe Reader DC (Mac)
  I use it only to check forms or as reference. Unusable GUI.
- Acrobat Pro 9 (Mac)
  Was my workhorse, but works on MacOS Mojave only partly; slow & crash-prone; no updates. Can check PDF/X<4 and convert colors.
- PDF Studio Pro (on Mac & Linux)
  Bought to replace AcroPro9; JS support broken; slow startup; no updates. Can check PDF/X, A, UA and convert colors.
  Ok with forms, but doesn’t support LiveCycle forms (deprecated, but used by German boards).
- Qpdfview (Linux)
  Fast and easy; reliably updates.
- PDF.js (Browser or Atom)
  Is said to do SyncTeX (never tried). Easy, but slow. Updates.

Curious: Hraban

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