[NTG-context] Unexpected behavior of subsection labels

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 23:19:09 CEST 2019

Jairo A. del Rio schrieb am 07.10.2019 um 00:18:
> Here is my "minimal" example. As I need fallbacks, they remain.
Only the fallback for greek is needed, anything else can be removed.
> [...]
> As before, TOC shows "α Vaya" but subsection headers only show "Vaya", 
> without Greek letters.
> By the way, Quivira supports Greek characters, so I don't know where 
> the problem comes from.
Below is a much shorter version of your example to demonstrate the problem.

The problem is a check in the section command which fails when the character
comes from a fallback font. I will post a even simpler version of the 
for Hans to fix.

\setuphead [section] [conversion=g]

\definefallbackfamily [mainface] [rm] [DejaVu Serif] [range=greekandcoptic]

\definefontfamily [mainface] [rm] [Latin Modern Roman]
\definefontfamily [mainface] [mm] [Latin Modern Math]

\setupbodyfont [mainface]






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