[NTG-context] Mkiv, fonts in text and math mode, with \definebodyfont

Stefano Sanguinetti fotesan at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 19:32:16 CEST 2019


I am trying to understand something more about fonts in text and math mode,
in Mkiv Context. I would like to be able to change things at the "define
body fonts" level.

I tried the following, in order to have rsfs fonts :
\definebodyfont[12pt][rm][tf=rsfs10 sa *]
\tf ABCD
\tfa ABCD

The \tfa ABCD is displayed as rsfs as I wanted, but the \tf ABCD is
displayed as default fonts. Why ? What could I change in order to have \tf
ABCD in rsfs ?

In math mode, I am not able to have rsfs fonts :
\definebodyfont[12pt][mm][mr=rsfs10 sa *,ex=rsfs10 sa *,mi=rsfs10 sa
*,sy=rsfs10 sa *,ma=rsfs10 sa *,mb=rsfs10 sa *]

That gives ABCD in default math mode fonts.
Is there a simple way to do it with the \definebodyfont command ?

Thank you in advance for your comments.
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