[NTG-context] This mailing list is not DKIM (DMARC) compatible

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Wed Sep 25 17:17:14 CEST 2019

> On 16 Sep 2019, at 15:34, Gerben Wierda <Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl> wrote:
> In addition: Lists should keep the From address, the Subject, and the Message totally unchanged. They should add a Sender header to indicate their relay role, and set at least the List-Id and List-Unsubscribe headers for mailbox rules and subscription management.

Well, we leave From alone, add Sender, List-Id, and List-Unsubscribe.

That leaves Subject and Body, but I agree with Hraban in that I like both those features. I could turn
munging on and see what happens?


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