[NTG-context] special book layout problem in ConTeXt

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 19:49:04 CEST 2019

Nicolas Mondon schrieb am 19.09.2019 um 19:18:
> Thank you Wolfgang for your answer.
> So, yes the figures/tables should appear before the text on a even 
> (left side) page while the text would appear only on odd (right side) 
> pages. The left page should be empty when there are no figures/tables 
> for the following right page, and the float doesn't have to appear 
> strictly at the same vertical position as the reference, but as 
> possible only. Specially beacause, it may have several references in 
> only one paragraph for exemple on the right page, and so the figure 
> should appear in the right order on the left page, but couldn't be 
> exactly at the same height. Also, if there are too many references in 
> on right page, the figures which can't fit the left page should go on 
> the top od the next left page...
> It's possible that my answer change the proposition you made at the 
> end of your message. Nevertherless, there is some thing in your last 
> paragrph which is not clear for me : " Afterwards you split each page 
> in half and create two separate pages from one single page which can 
> be done with a loop (can be done theoretically with the imposition 
> mechanism but a separate document is easier)."
Step 1:

  Create a document with a very big left margin where you can place all 






\input ward


\input knuth

   \NC A \NC B \NC C \NC\NR
   \NC X \NC Y \NC Z \NC\NR

\input zapf


Step 2:

Split each page into two separate pages where one contains all floats 
while the other page contains the text.


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