[NTG-context] special book layout problem in ConTeXt

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Sun Sep 15 13:52:22 CEST 2019

Nicolas Mondon schrieb am 12.09.2019 um 18:55:
> Dear ConText Hepers,
> I'm not sure I'm writing at the good email adress, or even the good 
> place; but sorry, I didn't find any online forum or othr hep centers, 
> so I try. Please tell me if I have to write to someone else.
This is the right place for your questions.
> I'd like to edit a thesis (so, as a book), with the text only on even 
> pages, and tables and figure only on odd pages, in front of the 
> paragraph wich comment them. I try to do this automatically by writing 
> the text, make a reference to the figure in the paragraph, and then 
> the layout appears correctly...
If the figures/tables should appear before the text you want on a even 
(left side) page while the text would appear only on odd (right side) 
pages. A few questions remain before a certain answer can be given, e.g. 
should the left page be empty when there are no figures/tables for the 
following right page and should the float appear at the same vertical 
position as the reference.
> I have the impression this is possible to do in ConText, but I havn't 
> find how yet. Is it possibel to force, in the setups, the text to be 
> on the right pages, and the figures on the left pages?
There is no easy solution for this yet and it also depends on your 
requirements mentioned above. The easiest way to achieve such a layout 
is to to increase the paper width to twice the normal layout and use the 
left half for a very big margin area where you can place the 

In a first step you create a normal document with this unusual layout. 
Afterwards you split each page in half and create two separate pages 
from one single page which can be done with a loop (can be done 
theoretically with the imposition mechanism but a separate document is 


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