[NTG-context] Pb with tikz, \pdfsavepos and friends

Jean-Philippe Rey jean-philippe.rey at centralesupelec.fr
Tue Sep 10 18:01:43 CEST 2019

Dear all,

I just downloaded the last ConTeXt beta (ConTeXt  ver: 2019.09.09 13:44 MKIV beta) and encountered a problem with pgf/tikz. Here a minimum failing example :

   \starttikzpicture[remember picture]

which produces the following error (excerpt from the log file, see complete log attached)

   tex error       > tex error on line 4 in file /Users/jprey/Projets/ConTeXt/bug-savepos.tex: ! Undefined control sequence

   \pgfsys at markposition #1->\pdfsavepos 
                                        \edef \pgf at temp {#1}\expandafter \pgfut...
   \endpgfpicture ...ys at markposition {\pgfpictureid }
                                                     }\fi \ifdim \pgf at picmaxx =...
   \stoptikzpicture ...st at from@global \endpgfpicture 
   l.4 \stoptikzpicture

My previous ConTeXt version from September 2018 works fine with the same example. I searched the mailing list archives and found a thread from January 2016 pertaining to the same problem. The workaround given by Hans works for me :

   \let \pdfsavepos   \savepos
   \let \pdflastxpos  \lastxpos
   \let \pdflastypos  \lastypos

I checked the pgf versions in my ConTeXt installations from 20180913 and 20190909, they are the same : 3.0.1. So I suppose that the change comes from ConTeXt itself, that’s why I report the problem here.


Jean-Philippe Rey
jean-philippe.rey at centralesupelec.fr
91192 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex - France
Empreinte PGP : 807A 5B2C 69E4 D4B5 783A 428A 1B5E E83E 261B BF51
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