[NTG-context] Syntax hightlighting

Fabrice L fabrice.alpha at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 20:14:07 CEST 2019

Dear list,

I’m using colored verbatim code (for course notes). In the past, I modified verb-mp.mkii for the langage I need (SAS). This code works fine with MKII:

\definetyping [MP] [option=MP]

A example:
draw (0,0) withpen pencircle 1in withcolor red ;

I obtain a color syntax output (« draw » in red, « within » in green for example). This code does not work anymore in MKIV (every word is the same color, green). There should be a solution ?

Trying to find some help, in the maling list and the « verbatim_text » page on Context garden, I found some solutions, like pretty printing, which should work on MKIV, but "pret-mp.lua » is found nowhere (nor in the context source browser, nor in my recent distribution). 

I must admit I’m lost in all the solutions I found there and there (most of them never works out of the box on my installation). Can somebody refer me to a simple solution, which permit me to do colored verbatim code, such as I can modify a source to insert the keywords of the langage I use ?

Thanks !
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