[NTG-context] Wrong MetaPost text output

Alan Braslau braslau.list at comcast.net
Sun Aug 11 22:19:41 CEST 2019

On Sun, 11 Aug 2019 11:12:55 -0700
Henri Menke <henrimenke at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thank you for the quick repsonse.  This looks good to me.  However,
> could you tell me a way to get the correct baseline with textext?  When
> I use
>     \startMPpage
>     draw btex dummy etex shifted (0,0);
>     draw btex foo   etex shifted (1.5cm,0);
>     \stopMPpage
> the baseline is the one that I would expect from TeX, i.e. at the depth
> of the “y” is removed or otherwise correctly accounted for.  In contrast
> when I use
>     \startMPpage
>     draw textext("dummy") shifted (0,0);
>     draw textext("foo")   shifted (1.5cm,0);
>     \stopMPpage
> the baseline will be below the depth of the “y” which is sometimes
> unwanted.

textext() is actually textext@#()
so you can use textext.top() for example
to put the *bottom* of the text bounding box at y=0.
Without any @# suffix, the text bounding box gets centered at y=0.

Metafun has a few *new* suffixes defined, so you can use
textext.d(), textext.dlft(), textext.drt(), I BELIEVE,
to position with respect to the tex baseline.
(you need to check this).


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