[NTG-context] XML/HTML output of Math

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Aug 8 09:41:19 CEST 2019


> On 8 Aug 2019, at 01:06, Atsuhito Kohda <atsu10.kohda at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I used to compile a beamer file with LuaLaTeX to generate a PDF
> for presentation then convert the beamer file to XHTML with LaTeXML
> for Web page.
> Recently I begin to use ConTeXt so I try to get a PDF for presentation
> and also XML/HTML output from a single ConTeXt file.
> I have a few questions about XML/HTML output of Math.
> 1. In case inline math mode with \displaystyle, we get wrong output
> of "\int_a^b"; lower limit and upper limit are interchanged 
> and further "b" is a bit larger and an integral symbol is rather small.
> (It looks "\displaystyle" is not effective, e.g see "\frac”.)

I opened the xhtml with firefox and the only problem I see
is the ignored \displaystyle (which is why the integral looks small). 
Inline looks fine otherwise, no interchanging of limits.

Well, as fine as it can be in firefox, which is pretty bad.

> In case display math mode, we get very weird output of "\int_a^b”.

ConTeXt outputs b_a^\int in display mode; the order of the objects
inside the generated <msubsub> is wrong, which is clearly a bug.
And it seems to do this for all large operators.

> 2. \math{\Vmatrix{\vI, \vj, \vk; a_{1}, a_{2}, a_{3}; b_{1}, b_{2}, b_{3}}}
> \vI, \vj, \vk are disappeared in xml/html output.  What happend?

I think this somehow triggered by the nested mode switch (\text{\math{}}) in the \vsym. 
If I change that definition to the more simple:

  \define[1]\vsym{{\textstyle\bi #1}}

it works ok. Whether that helps you ...

Best wishes,

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