[NTG-context] some mac fonts do not work correctly

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Wed Jul 24 11:47:07 CEST 2019

Am Wed, 24 Jul 2019 11:04:17 +0200 schrieb Hans Hagen:

>> we got a bug report that some (proprietary) mac fonts don't work
>> correctly. The reason seem to be that the OpenType cmap format used
>> by these fonts isn't supported by the fontloader.
>> The necessary cmap formats are "platform 0 (Unicode), encoding 1
>> (Unicode 1.1(?)), format 12" and maybe as a fallback "platform 1
>> (Mac), encoding 0 (Roman), format 0".
>> A test would be
>> \starttext
>> \font\oddfont="Big Caslon Medium" \oddfont A
>> \stoptext

> what filename ... when i copy ACaslonPro-Regular from a (by now obsolete 
> and old) mac it seems to work

The bug report mentions these filenames:

Heiti TC Light     [STHeiti Light.ttc](0)   壹貳參肆伍陸柒捌玖拾
Heiti SC Light     [STHeiti Light.ttc](1)   汉体书写信息技术标准相容
Heiti TC Medium    [STHeiti Medium.ttc](0)  壹貳參肆伍陸柒捌玖拾
Heiti SC Medium    [STHeiti Medium.ttc](1)  汉体书写信息技术标准相容

Big Caslon Medium  [BigCaslon.ttf]          ABCDEFGHIJKLM
GB18030 Bitmap     [NISC18030.ttf]          汉体书写信息技术标准相容
Webdings           [Webdings.ttf]           
Wingdings          [Wingdings.ttf]          
Wingdings 2        [Wingdings 2.ttf]        
Wingdings 3        [Wingdings 3.ttf]        

LiHei Pro          [LiHeiPro.ttf]           壹貳參肆伍陸柒捌玖拾
LiSong Pro         [LiSongPro.ttf]          壹貳參肆伍陸柒捌玖拾
STFangsong         [STFANGSO.ttf]           汉体书写信息技术标准相容
STXihei            [STXIHEI.ttf]            汉体书写信息技术标准相容
STHeiti            [STHEITI.ttf]            汉体书写信息技术标准相容
Yuanti SC Light    [Yuanti.ttc](4)          汉体书写信息技术标准相容
Yuanti SC          [Yuanti.ttc](0)          汉体书写信息技术标准相容
Yuanti SC Bold     [Yuanti.ttc](2)  

Imho Marcel only checked the lua and the cmap for Big Caslon. 


Ulrike Fischer 

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