[NTG-context] font switching commands

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Sun Jul 21 10:50:00 CEST 2019

Atsuhito Kohda schrieb am 20.07.2019 um 01:36:
> Hi Wolfgang, thanks for your information.
> It is a bit difficult for me to understand the difference among 
> \switchtobodyfont,
> \vii etc. and \tfa etc. with the explanation of cont-eni.pdf precisely 
> and unfortunately
> \vii etc. are no more available.
> Thanks again.

In the example below I make a global change of the font size at the begin
with \setupbodyfont which changes the size of the running text (and also
of the header and footer texts) to 10pt.

With the \tfa and \tfx commands bigger and smaller text but the size of it
depends on the global size. The default scaling for \tfa is 1.2 and for \tfx
is 0.8, this means \tfa results in 12pt and \tfx in 8pt.

In the next line I change the global font size with the \switchtobodyfont
command to 14.4pt. The difference between \setupbodyfont and
\switchtobodyfont is that \setupodyfont changes the header and footer
while \switchtobodyfont doesn't.

Now I use again the \tfa and \tfx commands to change the font size which
use again the scaling factors mentioned above but here they use the new
global size of 14.4pt which result in 17.28pt for \tfa and 11.52pt for \tfx
(the actual size for \tfx is 12pt because ConTeXt uses fixed sizes for
a global font size of 8pt, 9pt, ..., 12pt, 14.4pt which presets for the 
and larger sizes).

The \vi, \ix etc. commands you mentioned are just shortcuts for
\switchtobodyfont[6pt], \switchtobodyfont[9pt] etc. and have been removed.

%%%% begin example


text {\tfa text} {\tfx text}


text {\tfa text} {\tfx text}

%%%% end example


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