[NTG-context] font switching commands

Atsuhito Kohda atsu10.kohda at gmail.com
Sat Jul 20 01:18:42 CEST 2019

Hi Henri, thanks for your clarification.

2019年7月19日(金) 8:57 Henri Menke:
> This manual is for MKII (it is dated 2001).  The new font size switches
> are \tfa, \tfb, \tfc, and so on (or \bfa for bold etc.).

OK, so now they are obsolete already.
I've found \tfa etc. before the post because they were explained
in the next page p.114 of cont-eni.pdf

Then I'd like to know what is \vi ?  I defined \vi personally
in my tex file and when I compiled it with context, then I got
a message "command '\vi' is already defined" so I began to search
\vi command.  This is the origin of my question.

Best regards
Atsuhito Kohda

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