[NTG-context] Typesetting Markdown – Part 5: Interpolation

Andres Conrado elandi at chiquitico.org
Tue Jul 9 21:22:09 CEST 2019

Thank you. I still don't really understand why can't you have a
"presentational" yaml file and a "content" yaml file (I do it like that...
I have a "variables.yaml" file for content and a "settings.yaml" file for
presentational stuff, and use a "template.context" file with all my mapped
variables within the ConTeXt code, and compile everything using pandoc).
But I guess you want to do it this way. Or maybe I'm not really
understanding your process. It's quite interesting in any case, and I'm
learning a lot. Thanks for sharing.

Andrés Conrado Montoya
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