[NTG-context] crappy names in the fontloader

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Sun Jul 7 23:42:11 CEST 2019

On 7/6/2019 6:36 PM, Marcel Fabian Krüger wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> under default settings, the fontloaders discards all glyph names which
> are considered "crappy", meaning matching the "p_crappyname" pattern in
> "font-oup.lua". For some names this makes a lot of sense. For example
> the name "uni0303" is considered "crappy" and it really provides no
> useful information. Then there are other names like "t_uni0303" which
> are still considered "crappy" while they actually aren't completely
> useless. So I think there would be some value in preserving them. Of
> course, you can always enable "otf.keepnames" if you need names like
> this.
> But I actually want to talk about another class of names: Look at
> "Udotbelow". This is IMHO a perfectly normal and useful name, but the
> fontloader still considers it "crappy" because it starts with a "U"
> followed by a letter which could be a hexadecimal number.
> I think this is a bit over-agressive. Maybe the "p_crappyname" pattern
> could be changed to only look for "u<hexadecimal>" if followed by
> "p_done", marking the end of a component?
i'll look into it (irr in generic mode (latex etc) one can disable that 
'feature' which i thought happened)


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