[NTG-context] List of Symbols/Abbreviations/Glosses with more then two entries

Thomas Welter welter.thomas at outlook.de
Wed Jun 12 17:37:55 CEST 2019

The synonym "sym" defined by \definesynonyms[sym][syms][\symdesc] can take 2 entries by default:


For theses and whitepapers in the natural sciences and in engineering it is needed to introduce another entry for the unit:

\sym[<RefName>]{<ShortName>}{<Unit>}{<LongName>} (<-- This does of course not compile, take it as a feature request)


\sym[Salpha]{\alpha\ }{$[W~m^{-2}~K^{-1}]$}{Heat Transfer Coefficient}


\sym[Salpha]{\alpha\ }{$[W~m^{-2}~K^{-1}]$ Heat Transfer Coefficient}

cannot be a good workaround since \symdesc{Salpha} should not include the unit. And of course I want the unit entry to be in a separate column when calling \placelistofsynonyms[sym]

In LaTeX I accomplished this with glossaries and glossary-mcols. Is there some neat trick to get this behaviour "the ConTeXt way" (maybe with some Lua + *.aux)? 

The next step would be to define the table headers of the list of symbols such as "Symbol \NC Unit \NC Description"...

Thanks in advance and kind regards,


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