[NTG-context] mkii to mkiv - what an ancient user needs to know

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 12 09:07:53 CEST 2019

On 6/12/2019 5:22 AM, Duncan Hothersall wrote:
> Hi all.
> Long-time user but haven't posted in a long while...
> **
> After many happy years of running a mkii set up I am finally facing the 
> fact that time has moved on and upgrading to mkiv.
> I understand the biggest change needed to my sources is in the fonts 
> handling, but I am getting a few other problems with things like 
> chapter/sectioning setups that I can't see mentioned in 
> https://www.contextgarden.net/MkIV_Differences
> I was wondering if there exists a comprehensive "what you have to change 
> in your sources to move from mkii to mkiv" document anywhere or, failing 
> that, if anyone can offer guidance on what has changed in the 
> chapter/sectioning setups code between the two.
> Apologies for not supplying an example of code - I'm not yet at the 
> point that that's possible.
> Any help much appreciated. And hello to anyone who remembers me from 
> fifteen plus years ago!
Do you get errors? There should be no real fundamental differences 
betwene mkii and mmkiv wrt the interfac, but because font encodings are 
gone and input is utf8 by default that might need to be changed. 
Structure has more options. I think the biggest conceptual change in the 
setups has been the way footnotes are configured. Of course there are 
new commands too.

So, a small example triggering the issue would help,


ps. Of course the biggest change is that luatex is used instead of 

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