[NTG-context] CMYK Color profile

Benjamin Koppe Benjamin.Koppe at gmx.de
Thu May 30 23:34:38 CEST 2019

Hello everyone,

I'm about creating a DIN Lang Folder brochure with ConTEXt. I got
everything set up the way I'd like it to. Now that I'm done with the
work, I've been told the output pdf should have a CMYK Color profile
embedded for the on demand printing service to be able to deal with the

I am unsure what steps I have to take to make my output pdf compliant
with CMYK. I don't even know how I could verify it does indeed have
CMYK. Evince doesn't seem to show that info...

So if anybdy of you could give me some hints, that's be wonderful.

De Benny

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