[NTG-context] Creating one's own style

Dmitry Starostin starostin.dmitry at gmail.com
Sat May 18 08:16:24 CEST 2019

Thank you for the instructions on how to make one's own style.

I only need to change the formatting in the bibliography list, the
formatting of the notes in the text is entirely up to the requirement.

A strange effect (full MWE in attachment):

\btxdoifelse {address} {
   {\btxspace \emdash \btxspace \btxflush{address} \btxcomma}

   \btxdoifelse {year} {
      {\btxspace \btxflush{year} \btxperiod}

gives "year 2000", but throw out the "address" part, and the year goes
straight without the 'year' part.

   \btxdoifelse {year} {
      {\btxspace \btxflush{year} \btxperiod}

if you add publisher between the address and the year, then it says
"publisher Brill"

\btxdoifelse {publisher} {
{\btxspace \btxflush{publisher} \btxcomma}

Where does it pull it up from?
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