[NTG-context] Modifying the place of the year in APA.

Dmitry Starostin starostin.dmitry at gmail.com
Thu May 16 21:30:46 CEST 2019

In the publ-imp-apa.mkvi (is it already VI?) I found the key line which I
would like to modify:

\startsetups btx:apa:list:book

This, as I understand, determines the order in which the items are listed.
I need to: 1. place the year in the end 2. remove parentheses.

Do I start with btx:apa:authoryear and redefine it?

Do I use \texdefinition{btx:apa:suffixedyear} separately?


in the following, where is the parenthesis?

\starttexdefinition unexpanded btx:apa:suffixedyear
    \btxdoifelse {year} {
        \btxdoif {month} { % month and day optional in publ-imp-apa.lua
            \btxdoif {day} {
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