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Denis Maier maier.de at gmail.com
Thu May 16 12:48:30 CEST 2019

I am not the OP, but I'm very much interested in how referencing works with
ConTeXt so let me add to this.

> You can write your own style, or your own modified style.

Is the publications manual still up to date? Is there more recent
information available? How would I start writing my own style?

Concerning your two requirements for new styles:

(2) there is a clear, defined standard that can be followed.

This is actually the easier question: A few standard styles immediately
come to mind: MLA, Chicago 16th and 17 edition in its various variants
(author-date, note-bibliography, fullnote-bibliography, both note styles
with and without ibid.), Modern Humanities Research Association... I guess
having a model for all major variants (authordate, authoryear, numeric,
alphanumeric) would be a good starting point.

Also, we can implement more styles if (1) there is a need

This is more tricky. I do very much like what ConTeXt has to offer for
typesetting finished works, but I currently would not use it for writing a
larger work in the Humanities. For smaller pieces I would probably write in
Markdown, use pandoc to produce a context source file, and pandoc will me
automatic citations via pandoc-citeproc (yet with a few glitches). For a
longer work I currently don't have an alternative to biblatex. And I guess
that is the point: Those with rather complex requirements for citations
will either do them manually or use biblatex for this so it's not so easy
to say if "there is a need". Having said that, I would really like being
able to use ConTeXt here as well. So having a author-title style for the
footnotes and the bibliographies would be more than welcome.
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