[NTG-context] inserting figure labels

Hans van der Meer havdmeer at ziggo.nl
Sat May 11 21:39:23 CEST 2019

Placing a float figure with
delivers a figure with a label like "Figure V.3 labeltext" (depending on the setup)

Now I want to intersperse this with an \externalfigure[] not within a placefigure but still accompanied by a label in the current running series.
For example an uninterrupted series of figure numbers with:
	\placefigure[][]{labeltext-1}{\externalfigure[figure1]}	% -> Figure 1 labeltext-1
	\externalfigure[figure-2] \macrocall{labeltext-2}	% -> Figure 2 labeltext-2
	\placefigure[][]{labeltext-3}{\externalfigure[figure3]}	% -> Figure 3 labeltext-3

I could not find what macro to call as the instance for \macrocall.

dr. Hans van der Meer
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