[NTG-context] Normal tables error: Dimension too large. Context version: 2019.04.29 08:52

Felipe de Jesús Molina Bravo fjmolinabravo at gmail.com
Fri May 10 20:22:24 CEST 2019


I have a table with 39 columns (the file is attached). With the context
    ConTeXt Process Management 1.01
    current version: 2017.05.15 21:48

I don't have any problem; but with the newer version:
    ConTeXt Process Management 1.02
    current version: 2019.04.29 08:52

show the next error:

tex error       > tex error on line 114 in file
/home/fmolina/tempo/latex/context/pbas/ts.tex: ! Dimension too large

\tabl_ntb_table_get_max_width ...<\wd \scratchbox
                                                  \relax \scratchdimen \wd
\tabl_ntb_table_stop ...l_ntb_table_get_max_width
\eTABLE ...oveunwantedspaces \tabl_ntb_table_stop
                                                  \stopTBLprocessing \fi
l.114 \eTABLE

My table is:

\bTABLE[split=repeat,option={stretch},  align={flushright}, frame=off]
       \bTH [offset=none, align={flushleft}, nc=39]
       \bTD[align={flushleft,lohi}, nr=1]
                \bTABLE[option={stretch},offset=0pt, frame=off]
                 \eTABLE % fin de tabla interna en columna matriz
       \bTD[ width=broad, nr=1 ] banco 1\eTD
       \bTD[ width=broad, nr=1 ] banco 1\eTD
       ... % to complet 39 columns

When i remove "width=broad" from  the "\bTD...banco 1\eTD" i can generate
my pdf with it new version

How wan resolve this problem? please guide me!!

Thank's in advance!

See you
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