[NTG-context] How to write a wiki page?

Rudolf Bahr quasi at quasi.de
Wed May 1 18:55:47 CEST 2019

On Wed, May 01, 2019 at 04:51:11PM +0200, Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:
> Am 2019-04-30 um 13:12 schrieb Rudolf Bahr <quasi at quasi.de>:
> > When will next issue of ConTeXt journal be published? Could you send your article
> > to me in advance?
> Should have been published for a while, but I didn’t work on it as I promised.
> Shame on me, but still no schedule, on one hand I fortunately got a load of paid work, on the other it’s more fun working at my own books...
> Willi’s presentation is here: https://meeting.contextgarden.net/2018/talks/willi-unifraktur/presentation-unifraktur.pdf
> Greetlings, Hraban
> ---
> https://www.fiee.net
> http://wiki.contextgarden.net
> https://www.dreiviertelhaus.de
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I know that feeling well, when all gets too much!
Thanks to you, Hraban, and Willi!


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