[NTG-context] XML xmldoif struggle!

Geert Verhaag verhaaggchm at ziggo.nl
Tue Apr 30 21:58:01 CEST 2019


I've the following XML tag in my XML file:

<invoice number="194-002" client="RPMB-0012">

with invoice being the root tag!

Now I have a setup defined as below (only part!):

\startxmlsetups xml:invoice:invoice
   \xmlfirst{#1}{currency} \par
   \xmldoif{\xmlfirst{#1}{currency}}{contains(text(),'EURO')} {
      Euro set! \par

The \xmlfirst{#1}{currency} command prints EURO as expected.

But the xmldoif command doesn't cause the Euro set be printed?!

What's wrong here? The manual xml-mkiv.pdf doesn't give me any hint on 
how to make this work!




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