[NTG-context] Footnotes in xtables

Otared Kavian otared at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 09:45:45 CEST 2019

Hi Clyde,

In order to use footnotes in tables, you can use localfootnotes as in the following:

			\startxcell Alpha \stopxcell
			\startxcell Beta\footnote{Footnote Here} \stopxcell
			\startxcell Beta \stopxcell
			\startxcell Alpha\stopxcell

Then the footnotes appear below the table.

However it seems that the localfootnotes mechanism is conflicting with \startpalectable...\stoplacetable.

Best regards: OK

> On 30 Apr 2019, at 08:33, Clyde Johnston <context at couthies.com> wrote:
> How do you get footnotes to work in xtables?  I get the superscript next to the text but the footnote does not appear at the bottom of the page.
> Thanks, Clyde
> MWE:
> \starttext
>     \startxtable
>         \startxrow
>             \startxcell Alpha \stopxcell
>             \startxcell Beta\footnote{Footnote Here} \stopxcell
>         \stopxrow
>         \startxrow
>             \startxcell Beta \stopxcell
>             \startxcell Alpha\stopxcell
>         \stopxrow
>     \stopxtable
> \stoptext
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