[NTG-context] Hyphenation questions

Dmitry Starostin starostin.dmitry at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 19:34:57 CEST 2019

1. is there an analog to \hyp{} command from the 'hyphenat' package? Double
words with a dash happen all too often.

2. how to switch language for just three words for correct hyphenation?

3. if the citation in APS format falls out of the right margin, what needs
to be changed to adjust it?

4. In APS, I cannot figure out how to make a space appear between the
numbers for cited sources. [1, p. 1,2, p. 2]. But [1, p. 1, 2, p. 2] is
what is desired. In one case it did appear automatically, but all others
don't work.

\cite[righttext={{{, p.~1}},{{, p.~2}}}][book1,book2]
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