[NTG-context] preparing math exams

Gour gour at atmarama.com
Wed Apr 24 12:36:29 CEST 2019

On Tue, 23 Apr 2019 11:57:34 -0400
Fabrice L <fabrice.alpha at gmail.com> wrote:

> Metapost (Metafun) is your best friend here. You can insert directly
> in context some MetaFun code, like this:
> \starttext
> Lorem Ipsum…
> \startMPcode
> draw ( (0,0) — (1,0) — (0,1)) with color red ;
> \stopMPcode
> \stoptext

That example does not work for me, but I've got a clue.

However, someone in other forum suggested me to use GeoGebra - that's
what even math textboooks use here which is interactive and can, amongst
several other formats, export to TikZ, and in the beginning it seems as
quicker/easier start.


In this endeavor there is no loss or diminution,
and a little advancement on this path can protect
one from the most dangerous type of fear.

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