[NTG-context] mathalign: specifying distance with glue

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Wed Apr 24 07:10:43 CEST 2019


amsmath provides an environment `flalign` that flushes the "block" for 
display math. See page 6 (pdf page 27) of my article on display math in 
context (https://www.ntg.nl/maps/34/06.pdf) for an example.

As shown in that article, I could achieve the same behavior in context 
mathalign by using distance=2em plus 1fil. However, on a recent context, 
the glue gets ignored.

   \startmathalignment[m=2,distance=2em plus 1 filll]%Notice distance=...
     \NC \nabla\cdot \bf E \NC= \frac{\rho}{\varepsilon_0},
     \NC \nabla\times \bf E \NC= -\frac{\partial \bf B}{\partial t}, \NR
     \NC \nabla\cdot \bf B \NC= 0,
     \NC \nabla\times \bf B \NC= \mu_0{\bf j}+\varepsilon_0\mu_0
         \frac{\partial \bf E}{\partial t}. \NR

Looking at math-ali, I cannot figure out why that is happening.


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