[NTG-context] Fraktur font to use in ConTeXt lmtx

Rudolf Bahr quasi at quasi.de
Tue Apr 23 08:17:26 CEST 2019

On Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 11:48:43PM +0200, Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:
> Am 2019-04-22 um 15:26 schrieb Rudolf Bahr <quasi at quasi.de>:
> > I'd enjoy making a wiki page. Do we have a program to print caracter code tables
> > or font tables? If not, I'd use a bundle of single \char commands to show which
> > characters there are in a special Fraktur font.
> Are you a DANTE member? Then have a look at my German translation of Taco’s article about installing fonts for ConTeXt in the latest DTK.
> (The original is still unpublished – my fault, sorry guys...)
> Try \showfont
> or
> \usemodule[fnt-10]
> \starttext
> \ShowCompleteFont{name:Unifraktur}{20pt}{1}
> \stoptext
> There aren’t a lot of good fraktur text fonts around, and most of those are commercial. (I don’t know and didn’t check if Linotype published their old Dfr fonts as OpenType at all.)
> Unifraktur Maguntia is probably the best (technically) you can get.
> Maybe try something from http://www.steffmann.de/wordpress/test-2/, but they don’t have any OpenType features.

Hello Henning!

Yes, I'm a DANTE member and of course I read Taco's Article translated by you. It helped
me installing Fraktur-test-fonts.

Thank you for your other hints!

There must be somewhere in contxtgarden.net or wiki.contextgarden.net an article/page
on making "wiki pages". Do you know where it is? I can't find it again.


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