[NTG-context] Error concerning "pdfmapline"; Fraktur font to use in ConTeXt lmtx

Rudolf Bahr quasi at quasi.de
Mon Apr 22 15:26:16 CEST 2019

> > In the meantime I had a look at different Fraktur fonts. Both suggested fonts [1]
> > and [2] were not acceptable to me for various reasons.
> > 
> > [1] has no gaps between words and many other errors. Horrible.
> Afaiks that font is rather bugged indeed. I tried it, even made sure the
> space (which is unspecified in the afm) is set to some value but then it
> seems to use maybe some ligatures which are also unspecified. Old crap.
> > [2] is far too fat to be printed in a book. The reason could be that the developers
> > wanted to make a font suitable for internet presences where the resolution of screens
> > is far below of that of printing machines. The good thing with [2] is that there is an
> > extended and interesting set of orthography rules and their changes over various
> > centuries beginning in 1600 up to today. But unfortunately the internet presence of [2]
> > seems to be dead, the newest entry in member's forum I saw has been from beginning of
> > 2017.
> You can tweak it a bit:
> \starttext
> \definefontfeature[thinned-10][effect={width=-0.10,auto=yes}]
> \definefont[ufa][unifrakturmaguntia*default]
> \definefont[ufb][unifrakturmaguntia*default,thinned-10]
> \ufa test\par
> \ufb test\par
> \stoptext
> I'm a bit puzzled by the 'dead' remark. When a project is finished, should
> the author create bogus entries each year to make it look like something new
> is done?
> > [3] I found the Leipzig-Fraktur-Font, a real Easter gift :-) It's comparable to Yannis
> > Haralambous' nice fraktur font I used for years, but in ".otf"-format. It has the slim
> > high "s" for use at the beginning of words and within words as well as the small round
> > "s" at the end of syllabs and words. Ok, there seems to be no "!" (Instead I use "rm !")
> > and the sharp "ß" I had to construct by "s\hskip-1pt z". But German umlauts can be printed,
> > for instance 'ä' by '\"a', and different ligatures, for instance 'ch', 'st', 'tz', and
> > others exist.
> > So, most of my necessary conditions to a Fraktur font in ConTeXt-lmtx are fulfilled.
> > As an example is appended "Leipzig-Fraktur-Example.pdf".
> ok
> > I thank Hans and Wolfgang for helping me.
> Best make a wiki page for this (summrizing).
> > [1] https://ctan.org/tex-archive/fonts/ps-type1/yfonts
> > [2] http://unifraktur.sourceforge.net/
> > [3] https://www.chip.de/downloads/Leipzig-Fraktur-Font_36248614.html
> Hans

I'd enjoy making a wiki page. Do we have a program to print caracter code tables
or font tables? If not, I'd use a bundle of single \char commands to show which
characters there are in a special Fraktur font.


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