[NTG-context] Variable space with hanging description

Cedric Tissieres cedric.tissieres at objectif-securite.ch
Wed Apr 17 05:32:51 CEST 2019

Thanks Wolfgang, it works perfectly.

On 4/16/19 11:31 PM, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
> Cedric Tissieres schrieb am 16.04.2019 um 06:16:
>> Dear all,
>> I recently switched to mkiv and experienced some problems with
>> descriptions when set with alternative=hanging. The horizontal space
>> between the description title and the rest of the text varies a lot and
>> looks ugly. When the same code is compiled with mkii, this space is
>> almost constant (replace alternative=hanging by location=hanging in
>> mkii).
> The different distances after each title comes from the fact that MkIV
> adds shrink and stretch values to the space but you can disable these
> values with the shrink and stretch keys.
> \setupdescription [...] [shrink=0,stretch=0]
> Wolfgang

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