[NTG-context] local command description

Damien Thiriet damien at thiriet.web4me.fr
Tue Apr 16 23:15:08 CEST 2019


Last year after my speech at BachoTeX, Hans told me, that we can get a
local catalogue of ConTeXt macros. So I wrote on a piece of paper two
commands but did not note much more and now I am not sure what do they
stand for

mtxrun --script server --auto

When I run this, I got this on my console
resolvers       | trees | analyzing '/home/dthiriet/texmf'
mtx-server      | running at port: 8088
mtx-server      | document root:
mtx-server      | main index file: unknown
mtx-server      | scripts subpath:
mtx-server      | context services: http://localhost:8088/mtx-server-ctx-startup.lua

and then nothing appends for a quite long time (10 minutes). Is it
building a base or something like this? How long should I wait to have
it made?

The second command I note is

mtxrun --gethelp
--command= "\definecolor"

When I run this, I get
sh: http://localhost:8088/mtx-server-ctx-help.lua?command=definecolor: not found

Is it because I did not build the base, or did I miss something (typo or
so on?)

Damien Thiriet

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