[NTG-context] change in treating errors

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Tue Apr 16 13:49:54 CEST 2019

On 4/16/2019 11:51 AM, Mohammad Hossein Bateni wrote:
> Which one is better is certainly subjective :)  Maybe we could get the 
> old TeX-y behavior via a switch or the other way around?
> Alan, allow me to disagree with your assertions, though.  Here are a few 
> reasons:
> 1) You could correct a spelling mistake on the prompt (as in original 
> TeX), although this is rarely done these days.
> 2) You could use the --nonstopmode or --batchmode to not get the prompt, 
> and not have the lingering background process (Mac bug?).

batchmode doesn't give much on the console, nonstopmode could runs 
forever and generate gigs of log files before you find out

i've run into 'stuck in the background' runs on windows, osx and linux 
... (even in batch mode)

> 3) You could see a collection of errors which might help you in fixing 
> them altogether without having to run context again and again finding 
> one error at a time.  (Same thing with compiling a C/C++ code, and 
> getting a list of many errors at once.)

how often does that happen ... in most cases an error (say a missing }) 
will have side effects that either obscure other errors or when you hit 
return suggest errors that are not there; sometimes when a } is expected 
you get some confusing mode error that is hard to get out

> 4) There are many "errors" and "warnings" that context does not stop 
> on.  You could perhaps claim moving on from those is also useless :)  
> Just to give some examples: missing modules, fonts, glyphs in fonts, etc.
> So let me rephrase my original question:  Is this change in behavior 
> intended?  If so, is it possible to get the old behavior (specially for 
> nonstopmode) via some switch?

it is definitely intended (i just didn't consider it before otherwise it 
would have been there already for a decade) and you can switch it off 
(see previous mail)

(btw this behaviour also permits a rather robust way to make sure no 
invalid pdf file results)


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