[NTG-context] index entries printed over each other

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 21:34:25 CEST 2019

Henning Hraban Ramm schrieb am 14.04.2019 um 21:11:
> Hi,
> on the last page of my index, there are two entries printed over each 
> other, see attached screenshot.
> How can this happen? Any hints how to avoid it?
> Sorry, no MWE yet, probably hard to reproduce...
> Latest, i.e. yesterday’s beta with LuaTeX; the same with the previous 
> version.
This can be a problem with the columns mechanism. You can try to disable 
balancing with


or disable columns for the index and flush the content within a columns 

\startmixedcolumns %[grid=no]
> Also the same problem with lmtx, except that the text is garbage (I’m 
> using Cambria.ttc).
Fonts in ttc format will work as expected in the next release.


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