[NTG-context] Missing modules crossref and pararef

Zenlima post at zenlima.eu
Mon Apr 8 19:27:52 CEST 2019

(Sorry,.. missed an important AND and screwed up the meaning of the sentace :D )


I am AND the great help of the mailing list that time are the developer of that two modules. The two modules are used on a daily base with MKIV without any issues. So why do you want to delete them?

I see the old module download got deleted.. I will provide them somehow later today and get back about this.

>\startParagraph is dangerously close to (MkIV core) \startparagraph ...

That was done by purpose that time - and why is it dangerous for you?

>Interesting, I never heard of these modules. But they were for MkII anyway and long gone; their wiki pages are from 2012, and I don’t know the user Zenlima.
>What do you want to achieve? It’s probably possible without those modules.

In general: If you dont know something does not mean just delete it. My suggestion is to contact the developer of that modules first and ask for changes or updates. I am pretty sure that if you provided own work to the OSS world you are proud of it and does not want it be deleted respectlessly.

Ok that said: of course I like to update and better the modules - that is just normal software evolution. So please tell me, what part of that modules are mkii leftovers. 


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