[NTG-context] Ctx LMTX + Lua 5.4

Procházka Lukáš Ing. LPr at pontex.cz
Mon Apr 8 15:08:54 CEST 2019


I'm using a custom .dll in Ctx (my own .dll written in C with some extensions to Lua).

Whenever Ctx started to use a newer version of Lua, I rebuilt the .dll with the appropriate version of lua*.dll.

With the latest (non-LMTX) Ctx, I used Lua53.dll from:

	http://www.w32tex.org/toolsw32/lua53lib.zip (THIS LINK IS NO MORE VALID!)

(thanks Akira in the mailing thread "Building a custom .dll to work with ConTeXt (LuaTeX)").

I would like to "upgrade" my .dll to work with Ctx LMTX - where could I find the appropriate lua54lib.zip (.lib and Lua54.dll for Ctx LMTX)?

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