[NTG-context] variable edef with localhsize calculation

Rörig, Julian J.Roerig at salt-and-pepper.eu
Thu Apr 4 15:05:22 CEST 2019

Dear All,

I try to save \localhsize in a variable (with \edef), but whenever the enclosure changes, my variable changes too.

\edef\myVar{\dimexpr (\localhsize-15pt)\relax}

localhsize: \the\dimexpr\localhsize\relax \\
myVar: \the\dimexpr\myVar\relax \\

localhsize: \the\dimexpr\localhsize\relax \\
myVar: \the\dimexpr\myVar\relax \\

I would expect that myVar has the same value inside the narrower as outside, because I used \edef and not \def.

Is there another variable I can use, or does someone knows a solution for this specific problem?
Thanks, Julian

btw. everything works as expected, if I do not use \localhsize.
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